The path to freedom is not in being "fixed," it's in being with what is. As your guide and partner my role is to be as honest and present as possible so you can do the same. Together, we create an atmosphere where nothing else is needed, just natural, no force. Something unique is possible when we enter this space.


No coach/therapist/counselor, no teacher, no medicine, no perfect love, no magical powers, no life partner. However, you CAN get unstuck by asking for help, seeking support, being vulnerable. Inside each request for support, moment of honest vulnerability is a power you have not yet tapped into.


Hurt, trauma, pain, grief, anxiety, stress, stuckness are not meant to be dealt with and experienced alone. We all have the very human experience of bumping up against the same personal struggle time and again. Rarely can we overcome our deepest patterning without skilled support. Those who ask for help, move through challenges quicker, more fully and with more ease. 


 We'll accomplish all this by:

  • Noticing and exploring the felt sense
  • Mindfully staying with what's present
  • Experimenting with different ways of being
  • Practicing new skills
  • Creating homework aimed at integrating and practicing new learnings

No experience with the above is necessary. I'll guide as we work at your pace.



My path to becoming a counselor and guide began several years ago. In the midst of a personal crisis, I found myself confused, hurting from wounds, and grieving the loss of my father and the end of longterm relationship. Unsure about my desire to live, my pain outgrew my shame for needing help, I reached out for support. A skilled counselor and guide offered me a space unlike any I knew existed, one full of permission, compassion, and truth. Slowly, crisis grew into inspiration to help others in a way that actually makes a difference.

A life long learner I've spent years studying in the fields of counseling, psychology, mindfulness, nutrition and spirituality. I've completed formal trainings through the Interchange Counseling Institute, and The Hakomi Institute of California.


One of my creative outlets is food. I worked at Michelin starred restaurants and high quality casual establishments for years, to pay for education and travel. I am still inspired by and lean on the lessons I learned about food, people, nourishment and art while working in restaurants. 

Growing up in the midwest offered a healthy dose of an active and athletic childhood. I shamelessly still love participating in, or watching a good game when I can.  

I am a husband, son, brother, nephew, uncle, and soon to be father.


  • Graduate, Interchange Counseling Institute 2013-14
  • Faculty, Interchange Counseling Institute 2014-16
  • Hakomi Practitioner in Training, Hakomi Institute of California (300 hour comprehensive training) 2016-current
  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, 2018
  • Co-Founder of Real Talk Events . An event company designed to inspire learning, and authentic connection about what it's like to be alive in these times.
  • Founding Member, East Bay Counseling Collective
  • Executive Coaching Practice,  Leading Leaders Inc., Global Leadership Consultancy.
  • 500+ Hours Street Counseling with a diverse client base.
  • Additional weekend or ongoing courses in Diversity, Social Justice, Process Work/Deep Democracy 2010-current
  • Undergraduate Degree: UC Berkeley 2007.

**I am not a licensed psychotherapist, and I do not practice psychotherapy. I do not address mental disorders as defined by the American Psychiatric Association. My counseling assumes the mental health of the client.**