You’d be so lucky as to work with Jed Purses. He holds an impeccable and consistent safe space for all of me to be held - my fear, anger, loneliness, confusion and sadness. He has been a magical tour guide to the long lost inside of my body. I have now discovered a whole new relationship to embodiment!

Through his thoughtful and purposeful approach, our work together has allowed me to rediscover my softness and authenticity. I’ve grown from every minute together and can’t imagine where I’d be without his guidance and teaching.
— Leif S.

I feel like Jed truly cares about me and my well being. He has helped me through several difficult spots in my life where I was triggered and needed help. In our explorations, I often come to my own answer, only later realizing that I was skillfully guided there.

I would highly recommend Jed as a counselor.
— Todd S, Engineer

Jed has a unique ability to connect with you in a way that quickly feels safe open. Coupled this with his uncanny ability to create “out of the box” interventions, he’s helped me transform even subtile issues that were holding me back.
— Valerie J, Event Planner

In my experience it is a gift to receive counseling from Jed. He has a strong and powerful presence, yet he is so gentle and welcoming in his approach. He also brings much wisdom and clarity to his counseling. I would highly recommend him for really anybody!
— Jessica S, Bodyworker

My fast paced mind wants to skip over these most important aspects of my healing and growth, especially when I feel anxious. But Jed brings me back to those crucial steps in an ever so gentle, nurturing fashion. With Jed there are no rules, just skillful guidance.
— Danielle L, Integrative Life Counselor


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